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We support economic development, education, and self-determination for all Native Americans and tribes as part of a broader focus on development opportunities for Native nations across the country. Consistent with applicable law, it is the policy of San Manuel Band of Mission Indians to give preference to employees and applicants who are of  Native American descent, with the first order of preference to San Manuel Tribal Citizens.
Message from
​​​​​​​Chairwoman Lynn Valbuena
A vital step that ensures the self-sustainability of a community is to create opportunities for employment.  Not only does a strong workforce stimulate a community’s economy but a great career can encourage a person’s innate gifts and provide them with a strong sense of purpose. To continue in our Tribe’s pursuit of the advancement of Native Americans, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians extends preference to qualified candidates of Native American descent as part of our hiring process.
Explore How Far We Have Come
Long before the arrival of European settlers, our ancestors lived in harmony with the land across the highlands, passes, valleys, and mountains in and between the southwestern Mojave Desert and Inland Empire region of what is now Southern California. Known as the Yuhaaviatam clan, or "People of the Pines," of the Maara'yam (Serrano), our people have held sacred everything the land provided, and we thrived as an independent, self-sustaining community. Read more here.

Where We Are Going

The Casino opened its doors on July 24, 1986, nestled in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains with big dreams for the future. We are making good on that promise with our hotel and entertainment expansion, and by strengthening our commitment to support the region through philanthropic endeavors and becoming the No. 1 employer in the Inland Empire region.

Team Member Stories

Jacob Coin
Vice President, Speech Writer & Executive Advisor - Hopi Tribe, Arizona
San Manuel has enabled me to create a unique career path in communications and public affairs. Moreover, San Manuel has encouraged me to utilize traditional Native insights, teachings, and experiences to make contributions to the tribal government and tribal community. It has been a high honor to be a team member with the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians for nearly 17 years.
Jasmine Suarez
Slot Attendant 
Santa Ana and San Felipe Pueblo in New Mexico

Having only been a part of the San Manuel family for a short time, I have already seen how important family and tradition are to the Serrano people. It makes me feel at home because that is what we value the most. I have felt nothing but welcomed and loved getting to know coworkers that are also Native American. I am always happy and grateful to work for San Manuel, and I would encourage other Natives to join us!
Tito Smith
Special Operations, Supervisor
Chemehuevi Indian Tribe, California
Working at San Manuel has afforded me many life and career opportunities, not just as a Native American but as a person. I moved here to go to school and pursue a career in Firefighting. I was selected in the first round of firefighters, starting here in 2003. I have raised a family and have had a fulfilling career with many advanced education and training opportunities.
Liberty Reyes
Chief of Staff to the Tribal Council
Shoshone-Bannock, Idaho and Jemez Pueblo Tribes, New Mexico
Working at San Manuel has had a positive impact on my personal and professional journey. It has provided me the opportunity to pursue my passion for serving native communities and has leveraged my skill set in a way that makes me feel valued. I would recommend San Manuel as a place of employment. The values of the Tribe and the connection and appreciation of family and community come through in the workplace.
Jessica Stops
Vice President of Tribal Brand Marketing and Strategic Initiatives Crow Tribe, Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming
Working for the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians has been rewarding in so many ways. Not only do I work with amazingly talented people, but I also get to be part of a team that is working to ensure the success of this tribe, seven generations and beyond. Working with and for this tribe provides me with a stronger connection to my own tribe, and that alone makes it such a special place for me.
Nocona Gilbertson
Talent Acquisition Representative
Juaneno Band of Mission Indians, Acjachemen Nation, California
Not only does San Manuel offer a rewarding career, there are also great benefits and programs to take advantage of, including the Tribal Administration Certificate Program (TACP) and the university partnerships. The Tribe truly cares about helping others develop, and it means so much to be part of an organization that makes a difference in the lives of their employees. 
Kyle Anderson
Vice President of Property Marketing
Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian, Arizona
San Manuel has given me a greater appreciation and perspective on my own history and roots. It's been amazing to see how we operate with a "tribe first" mentality and what that means. San Manuel takes a holistic approach in everything we do, and it all starts with the tribe. So personally and professionally, it has impacted me as an intentional organization that begins with "Why?".
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