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San Manuel recognizes the need for team members to take care of themselves and their loved ones outside of the workplace. That's why we offer programs that allow team members to balance life and career. We offer vacation time, sick time, holidays, as well as emotional wellness programs and relationship services. We are also proud to recognize our team members' hard work at our annual Team Member Appreciation Day.

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​​​​​​​Paid Time Off Programs
In addition to standard sick time and vacation time, team members may receive personal days and a volunteer day to support a local community partner.
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Team Member Appreciation Day
As a 'thank you' to all team members, the Tribe offers an annual Team Member Appreciation Day for team members, a guest, and dependents under 18.
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Emotional Wellness Programs
Team members are offered emotional wellness support through their medical insurance providers, the Employee Assistance Program and our onsite Marketplace Care Partners.
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Relationship Services
Through the Employee Assistance Program, team members can gain support on how to create a positive and respectful marriage/relationship, as well as assistance with tasks related to wedding planning.
Our benefits focus on five key areas of wellness - financial, emotional, physical, social and occupational - because we know it takes more than a salary to thrive. The benefits under each category include everything from retirement, insurance and dental benefits to emotional wellness programs, home repair services, and much more. Our employees have the option to select the benefits that best suppoort their lives and their wellness.