Discover the unique career stories of San Manuel team members. From gaming and hospitality to IT and our very own fire department, our 7,000+ team members are part of our local community, and we are committed to investing in a successful future for each of them.

Recognition and Reward - Ester De Pina

Do you ever wonder if your hard work goes unnoticed? Ester De Pina was brought to tears when she received the answer to this question. After sharing multiple Yelp reviews that praised her customer service, her leadership team surprised her with a promotion! The good news doesn't end there for Ester. Since this video was filmed, she took advantage of the many career opportunities at Yaamava' Resort & Casino at San Manuel and progressed to Slot Attendant!

Retired to Hired

After owning Ontario Bakery for forty years, Christopher Fabos thought he was ready to retire. Shortly after selling his business, Christopher realized he still had some baking to do. He rejoined the workforce and now works as a Lead Baker at Yaamava' Resort & Casino at San Manuel under the leadership of Anthony Olivas, a fellow baker Chris knew during his earlier years of baking.


Journey to a Dream

Sonny began his career with San Manuel in 2006 as part of the housekeeping team. Over the years he proved to be a dedicated, hard-working team member and excelled in his career.  However, Sonny developed a bigger dream -  to become a firefighter for San Manuel. Through hard work, Sonny was able to manage his full-time job at San Manuel, school, fire academy, and family life to achieve his dream. Sonny Son Inspires us all!

Cultivate Your Culinary Career - Maira Orozco

Maira Orozco joined Yaamava' Resort & Casino at San Manuel in November 2015 with no kitchen experience. Learning everything she needed to know from the talented kitchen staff at Yaamava', Maira blossomed into a people person who knows how to run a kitchen with ease. 

Working Together

Meet Konika and Deepak Bali, a couple who met as teenagers and now work together at Yaamava' Resort & Casino at San Manuel. Hear how their careers with the enterprise not only allow them to grow in their professions but as a family as well.

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