Come join us for San Manuel's first ever Virtual Employee Career Fair. This is an online networking event that will allow you to meet and network with department leaders from across the enterprise.
Never Been to a Networking Event? Here Is What To Expect...

The event will help connect you with department leaders, and give you the opportunity to learn more about different departments, their organizational structure, and opportunities within those departments that fit your career path. 

Talent Acquisition professionals will be available to assist with any questions you might have about building a career path at San Manuel, and provide resume tips and interview tips. They will also provide details about training courses that can help you develop skills for your next opportunity!

While You're At The Event Here Are A Few Tips:
  • Make sure to introduce yourself. Even though it is a virtual experience, please introduce yourself, include what department/position you are interested in and explain why you are interested in learning more about this specific department.
  • Make an impact! This event is not for interviews, but you should ask questions that help you identify which teams you may want to express interest in, either now or in the future. Know what questions you would like to ask and take notes while the departments provide beneficial information.
  • Explore all of the booths! Be sure to check out everything there is to offer. You may never know what opportunities a department may have that might interest you!!
Questions You Can Ask The Departments To Start The Conversation
  • What skills or experience do you need to be successful in this department?
  • What qualities and characteristics makes someone successful on your team?
  • What potential growth opportunities do you see for this department?
  • How have you found success within this department?